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Lizardite belongs to the serpentine species which is majorly found in Europe and USA. It is discovered in Kennack Cove and got its name after discovery. This gemstone is of soft green colour sometimes having dark hue on body’s inner part. It also has greenish white strikes on it.

It was named by Eric James Williams Whittaker in 1995 which was based on the place where it was discovered. It is also called Orthoantigorite. It opens and aligns all the chakras of torso. It is often regarded as the ‘Stone of nature’. It also protects from poisonous creature such as insects and snakes etc. In the serpentine specie, Lizardite is composed of magnesium silicate hydroxide mineral. Majorly, it is found in the metamorphic igneous rock. It is sculpted into ornamental stone in the form of earrings and pendant. You can get amazing Lizardite Gemstone jewelry from Lizardite jewellery store like DWS Jewellery Pvt. Ltd based in Jaipur.

Healing properties of Lizardite Gemstone

Lizardite is strongly a grounding stone. It is considered that the soft green colour of the Lizardite Gemstone helps the wearer in healing of brain tissue and nervous. If the wearer is diabetes patient it helps in the production of insulin in body. It is also good option for treating issues related to kidney and stomach. It’s an extremely effective stone and best option to place around you. It washes off the negative vibes from the environment. It also hides reasons of problems and provides a means of determination. It also provides support during healing of past life and emotion. Lizardite has this exceptional power to transform and give stability to your relationship. It has the power to turn out negative expectations into the positive ones. If you have also decided to buy the Lizardite Gemstone, you can approach DWS Jewellery Pvt. Ltd, the biggest dealer of quality Gemstones in India.

Lizardite Properties

Lizardite Gemstone has a perfect cleavage. It has streaks of greenish white colour. It comes in yellow, white and green colour. It is also known as the May and June birthstone. It has exceptional chakra healing properties. It is associated with heart chakra and crown chakra. It is rated 2 to 2.5 on Mohs scale.

Where is Lizardite found? 

Lizardite gemstone is majorly found in Russia, USA, Canada and in some parts of Europe.

Lizardite’s Metaphysical Properties

Lizardite is considered as a commanding stone. It removes the energy blockages and paves the way for positive energy in the body and the soul. It retrieves the freedom of the person. By throwing light on chakras boosts kundalini. It helps to heal emotional as well as mental damage and also helps in the management of the conscious. It assists the wearer to feel more appealing, energetic and optimistic. It also enhances communication skill of the wearer and during meditation helps you to focus and clears your mind.

Thus, we have seen the key details related to Lizardite Gemstone and also its benefits. To avail all these advantages and get premium quality Lizardite gemstone you can contact DWS Jewellery Pvt. Ltd, the biggest Lizardite Jewellery store, based in Jaipur (India).


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