Lizardite Jewelry Manufacturing Company In India

Lizardite is a serpentine crystal type that has a low temperature. People usually consider it a common form of the mineral, with excess serpentine within them. The namesake is after a unique lizard complex present in England. People widely implemented this mineral to make beautiful gemstone jewelry, and let us now look at their features. There are a variety of lizardite gemstone manufacturing stores available within the country. Among them were only a very few who gained more popularity when compared to the others because of their unique fashion jewelry designs.

Lizardite Jewelry Manufacturing Company In India

The world of fashion jewelry has been expanding at a greater rate. So it is pretty hard to restrict the connections to a particular set of gemstones. People nowadays are interested in unique collections and new stones that make them look gorgeous. This stone has also attracted a lot of attention. It is not just because of its properties, but also because of its beautiful background. If you are interested in purchasing, then you must understand them. Let us now look at the properties.


This stone is a translucent and soft mineral that has been used for making trinkets and jewelry items. This stone is made of magnesium silicate hydroxide. They usually crystallize as fibers and Mass crystals to provide a beautiful stone that can be polished. It has a gravity of 2.57 and is commonly available in a greenish shade. They are usually rough and fine-grained, which can be polished using high-quality techniques. This stone is available in multiple parts of the world, and there are some best lizardite jewelry manufacturers in India. We usually find this stone with other deposits, like the Pyrite. It usually increases the value of the gemstone.

DWS has gained its reputation as a leading jewelry manufacturer in the country, especially with fashion jewelry. Designs that are made with unique stones like lizardites are also available in multiple designs.


This gemstone was initially invented by Eric James William Whitaker and Jack Jussman during the year of 1955. They are named after the lizard peninsula in the UK and are used by local artisans. It is found in multiple areas like Australia, Brazil, Russia, India, and China.

Medicinal Values

With medicinal values, there are multiple properties available to stop this stone from being used for physical healing, longevity, joy, trust, transformation, trust, and stress relief. It can denote the planet earth, and the main element attracted by the stone is the earth. Available in multiple shades of green like standard green, Venusian green, and olive green. They are used to controlling the chakras, and they are present as marbles. They are used as beads, gemstones, and crystallized forms to be used in jewelry.

It helps all the chakras within the body by waking them up, also by unblocking the issues within the chakras. This product is used to relieve stress and improve the circulation of blood within the body. We can wear them as a chain or ring. Sometimes to receive power, people prefer keeping a unique crystal in their room to receive dominant energy.


Whether you purchase them as jewelry, or as crystal stones, it is necessary to maintain them with care. For beautiful lizardite jewelry, the gems must not be exposed to any of the acidic substances. So exposing them to citric acid or any other cooking acid will cause corrosion and other issues with the product. So try to remove these fashion jewelry items when you are cooking or performing any other activity. Similarly, they are not suitable for wearing both day and night. Once home, always try to wipe them with a plain soft cloth or if there is any mark, use cold water to wipe away. Since we usually combine them with the silver jewelry combinations, it is necessary to keep them in an airtight container to avoid any damage to the metal and stone at the same time.

Stone Collections

While the people from the UK prefer beautiful trinkets and anklet-based designs with these gemstones, it has introduced other collections in countries like India. People widely used them in statement jewelry. This wholesale lizardite jewelry can be worn as a pendant, chain, ring, and a variety of other collections. The Venusian green shade is suitable for the light-colored costumes, and we can combine them with metals like gold and silver.

With jewelry, we can purchase them as polished stones. Similarly, they are available as crystals for utilizing energy, and you can buy these crystals either separately or as jewelry pendants. Similarly, the beads are used for necklaces and other designs. The quality of the jewelry solely depends upon the quality of the manufacturer. So you must select a leading Lizardite jewelry manufacturing company in India. The stones are usually cut and designed in multiple shapes, including teardrop, square, circle, and oval.

Why choose DWS?

With DWS jewelry, there is a wide range of options available. But the specific feature that makes it different from the other jewelry shops is the ability to manufacture its designs with the help of their manufacturing unit. This also offers an opportunity for the customers to create their designs and manufacture them with the help of the shop. The collections are not restricted and hence the designers have always made it possible for the customers to get satisfied. Each gemstone is tested, and we ensure the qualities before being submitted to the customer. We have listed some collections below for your verification.

The collections include many jewelry items, like bangles and necklaces. DWS has beautiful bracelets with green stones embedded within them. We can combine these jewels with beautiful lights colored costumes. They offer a contrasting notion. Similar to the bangles, the bracelets are all so beautiful, especially with the bead designs. They are suitable for providing a look. So, there are other collections, like necklaces with gemstones embedded in them. The designs also include beaded necklaces with silver chains. They are also available in multiple sizes and shapes. Wearing multiple row chains with the beads here and there can add to the beauty. The collection also includes rings and earrings. For more details, visit the showroom in Jaipur Rajasthan or collections exhibited on the mobile application and website.


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